Mr Papillo, Im so impressed with this kind of helping organization, indeed u are a true ambassador to African Football wide and large… U are great Man. keep it up!!! i’ll like to be linked up with ur graphics and designing project.. Dignity Dele from Nigeria.

Dignity Dele

Americans say I WANNA BE LIKE MIKE (Micheal Jordan) But i am a Nigerian saying I WANNA BE LIKE KANU not in football skills BUT IN GIVING, how do i start giving the little i have now. KANU U ARE A GODLY MODEL OF LK 6:38

Ogaga Maxwell

Keep up all your hard work and I’m sure you will be very successful. Thanks and good luck

Steve Clark - United Kingdom

I would like to know more about the Nigerian people and this site has helped a great deal. It is my hope that me and my family can somehow help the Nigerian people grow and prosper as we have. Thank you for this excellent site

Tom Bradshaw - United States of America

I thank God almighty for this kind of organisation and for the founder and all the staff of the establishment. Browsing through your website, I hae seen the number of souls you have saved in this country and beyond. May God continue to help you in all your endeavours


I am amazed that we still have good people around who make do with the little they have for the good of the world. Please keep up the good work, Kanu. George M. Wyne,II Harper, Liberia

George Wyne,II - Liberia